Stretchable and Flexible Electronic Systems

As the electronics industry develops, the demand for stretchable and flexible electronic devices is increasing.
Printed circuit boards are evolving into new flexible, and stretchable electronic systems. This technology promises to expand the design space for engineers and will allow them to create unique, multifunctional, multidomain structures and highly integrated devices.
Our research into fabricating packaging for integrated circuits using soft encapsulation with polymeric material and eutectic liquid alloy allows us to design flexible, and stretchable electronics systems. These systems are mechanically compliant abd biocompatible; the technology is applicable to many applications, including: wearable wireless health monitors; spatiotemporal cardiac measurements; environmental monitoring; soft robotics, and smart contact-lenses.
Recently we proposed a rapid and reliable way of making soft-lithography moulds using a laser micromaching system and a self-adhesive material. We presented a poster on this subject at the 2016 MicroTech conference in Heriot-watt.