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I am currently building a Corpus of Historical Mapudungun which uses text-based approaches long applied to languages of Europe to reconstruct the 400-year history of this Native American language. Such tools, though mostly neglected for historical material of the Americas, have huge potential for pushing back the date of comparative reconstruction, informing historical developments of individual varieties, as well as ideas of local contact and genetic inheritance.


One of my main focuses is the morphological and phonological structure of Mapudungun, a polysynthetic and agglutinating language-isolate of Chile and Argentina. I am currently developing a diachronic corpus focusing on endogenous variation, as well as contact-induced changes.


I am a team-member in the AHRC-funded FITS project: From Inglis to Scots: Mapping sounds to spellings.


I am interested in the overall diachronic relationship between the parsing of units of meaning and larger domains of sound structure.


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Corpus of Historical Mapudungun

My current Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship (Apr. 2018–Mar. 2021) will create a linguistically tagged corpus of the earliest attestations of written Mapudungun.

FITS: Form Inglis to Scots

Mapping sounds to spellings. (An AHRC project at the University of Edinburgh’s Angus McIntosh Centre)


Although my current contract is as a researcher, I do occasionally do some teaching in the following English Language and Linguistics courses here at Edinburgh: