Some of my interests

I have studied the current perception and diachronic patterns of stress in this language-isolate of Chile and Argentina, and have funding to begin work on a diachronic corpus focusing on the language’s phonology and morphology.


I am a team member in the AHRC-funded FITS project: From Inglis to Scots: Mapping sounds to spellings.


I have studied the diachronic relationship between prosodic structure and morphology at the “strong” edge of words in Germanic languages.


I am interested in the overall diachronic relationship between the parsing of units of meaning and larger domains of sound structure


I have done some research on the acoustic correlates of cross-boundary geminates in English and German.


Recent Publications

More Publications

  • (2018) Historical Dialectology in the Digital Age [co-edited volume, forthcoming]

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  • (2018) Early spelling evidence for Scots L-vocalisation: a corpus-based approach [in Alcorn et al, 2018]

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  • (2018) Pertinacity and change in Mapudungun stress assignment [IJAL]

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  • (2018) Towards a grapho-phonologically parsed corpus of medieval Scots: Database design and technical solutions [Corpora]

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  • (2017) The diachrony of Mapudungun stress assignment [Papers in Historical Phonology]

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  • (2017) The emergence of Scots: Clues from Germanic *a reflexes [in FRLSU volume]

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  • (2017) Native and Non-native Perception of Stress in Mapudungun: Assessing Structural Maintenance in the Phonology of an Endangered Language [Language and Speech]

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  • (2016) Tracing L-vocalisation in early Scots [Papers in Historical Phonology]

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  • '(2016) Fake' gemination in suffixed words and compounds in English and German [Journal of the Acoustic Society of America]

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  • (2016) The Validity of Augusta’s *Diccionario Araucano* one hundred years after its publication [Vigencia del *Diccionario Araucano* de Félix de Augusta, a cien años de su publicación – Boletín de Filología]

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Recent & Upcoming Talks

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Corpus of Historical Mapudungun

Still very much at the drawing-board stage, I have now secured funding (Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship, to begin in April, 2018) to create a linguistically tagged corpus of the earliest attestations of written Mapudungun.

FITS: Form Inglis to Scots

Mapping sounds to spellings. (An AHRC project at the University of Edinburgh’s Angus McIntosh Centre)


Although my current contract is as a researcher, I do occasionally do some teaching in the following English Language and Linguistics courses here at Edinburgh:

  • LASC08023: LEL1B –An Introduction to Language Subsistems
  • LASC08019: LEL2c – English Across Time and Space
  • LASC10098: History of Scots