Polymer Materials


Christopher Hall



This is a textbook on polymers first published in 1981. The second edition appeared in 1989.


It broke new ground in its emphasis on materials science, engineering properties and uses, rather than on polymer synthesis.


The book is no longer in print and I now hold the copyright. I make it available for free download here.



Table of contents, Preface  [0.8 Mb]

Ch 1    Polymers: Molecular structure  [2.8 Mb]

Ch 2    Morphology  [2.2 Mb]

Ch 3    Mechanical and thermal properties  [3.6 Mb]

Ch 4    Electrical and optical properties  [1.8 Mb]

Ch 5    Chemical properties  [2.9 Mb]

Ch 6    Polymer materials and their technology  [4.2 Mb]


App A The names of polymers and polymeric materials  [0.3 Mb]

App B Glossary of polymer materials  [1.7 Mb]


Index  [1.3 Mb]


Entire book  [25.6 Mb]




Jan 2013