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For PhD applicants


If you are an early stage researcher interested in a PhD within our group and you have a first class degree (or equivalent), please read the following opportunities and instructions to apply.


We will consider any interesting project in one of our research areas:

  1. -Yacht sail aerodynamics

  2. -Aerodynamics of natural flyers (e.g. seeds and birds)

  3. -Hydrodynamics of tidal turbines

  4. -Fundamental studies on the fluid mechanics of vortex-dominated flows

Examples of possible PhD projects include, but are not limited to:

  1. -Aerodynamics of high-performance yacht sails

  2. -A simulator of the dynamics of America’s Cup foiling catamarans

  3. -Characterization of the vortex flow of the dandelion fruit

  4. -Aerodynamics of the gliding seeds of the Javan cucumber vine

  5. -Aerodynamics of the Scottish thistle, the national flower of Scotland

  6. -Bio-inspired micro-decelerators

  7. -Oscillating-foil tidal energy converters

  8. -Bio-inspired morphing blades for wind and tidal turbine blades


If any of the following three cases,

  1. 1.you want to apply for a scholarship at the University of Edinburgh; 

  2. 2.you need a PhD offer from the University of Edinburgh to apply for an external scholarship;

  3. 3.you already have a scholarship or you do not need one;

then, the first step to do is to apply online for a PhD at the University of Edinburgh. Follow the instruction at this link: www.eng.ed.ac.uk/postgraduate/research/apply.

In the online form, you can either submit your own research proposal or indicate on which of the above research areas you are interested to work. In any case, the project that you propose, or select, is not definitive. We will chose a project together after your application is accepted, based on your research interests and expertise. I recommend, however, that you submit an outstanding research proposal because it will help us to evaluate your understanding of what is a research project, and your scientific writing skills.

State clearly in the online form that you want to be supervised by Dr I.M.Viola, so that your application will be forwarded to Ignazio for revision. In addition to your formal online application, you can also send by email to i.m.viola@ed.ac.uk additional documentation that you want to be informally considered. For example, you may consider to send by email a detailed CV, your published articles or assays in fluid dynamics.

If you want to apply for a scholarship at the University of Edinburgh, you can find more information at the following two links:



Most of the scholarships are awarded between January and February for a start within the same year. However, new funding opportunities that might become available at any time of the year. Most students tend to start on 1st October, but students can chose any start date during the year.

For any query on the scholarships and the application process, please contact directly the Postgraduate Office of the School of Engineering: EngGradOffice@ed.ac.uk.