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For PhD applicants


If you are an early stage researcher interested in a PhD within our group and you have a first class degree (or equivalent), please read the following opportunities and instructions to apply.


We will consider any interesting project in one of our research areas:

  1. -Hydrodynamics of tidal turbines

  2. -Boundary layer flow control and roughness

  3. -Yacht dynamics and sail aerodynamics

  4. -Aerodynamics of biological flyers (e.g. seeds and birds)

Examples of possible PhD projects include, but are not limited to:

  1. -A simulator of the dynamics of America’s Cup foiling catamarans

  2. -Aerodynamics of high-performance yacht sails

  3. -Aerodynamics of the gliding seeds of the Javan cucumber vine

  4. -Aerodynamics of the Scottish thistle, the national flower of Scotland

  5. -Bio-inspired micro-decelerators

  6. -Bio-inspired morphing blades for wind and tidal turbine blades

  7. -Boundary integral methods for Stokes-flow parachutes

  8. -Fluid dynamics of biological compliant surfaces in turbulent flow

A list of on-going projects can be found on Research Explorer.


If you already have a scholarship, or if you need a PhD offer from the University of Edinburgh to apply for an external scholarship, or if you want to apply for a scholarship at the University of Edinburgh, the first step to do is to submit your application online following the instructions at this link: www.eng.ed.ac.uk/postgraduate/research/apply.

In the online form, you can either submit your own research proposal or indicate on which of the above research areas you are interested to work and we will discuss a project together after your application will be accepted. It is recommended, however, that you submit a research proposal because it will help us to evaluate your understanding of what is a research project, and your scientific writing skills.

If you want to apply for a scholarship at the University of Edinburgh, you can find more information at the following two links:



For any query on the scholarships and the application process, please contact directly the Postgraduate Office of the School of Engineering: EngGradOffice@ed.ac.uk.

Due to a large number of opportunities for UK citizens, if you have a first class degree and you are a UK citizen please email us directly.