Recreating Mercury

I never got to use a real Mercury computer. For this reason, perhaps, I seem to have drifted into a spare time project to recreate the software environment of the machine.

So far, I have produced a subset compile for Mercury autocode. The target language is Fortran 77, since this is available on most platforms.

I am not yet ready (April 2005) to expose my code to'the rest of the world, although I will happily make it available on request to anyone who is interested. However, here are a few simple autocode programs with their Fortran translations. The character set has been adapted to match modern ASCII.

Program Source Fortran
Fibonacci numbers fib2.mer fib2.f
Sievert's integral, from
Autocode Manual
Harry Whitfield's contour drawing
program, with embedded machine
You will also need the perm include file to run these.