Documentation for the Mercury Computer

I have the following documentation:
  1. Description of the computer, Ferranti, 1956
  2. Programmers' Handbook; CS225A, 1960.
    Basic instruction set and machine documentation. Index, Content
  3. Programmers' Manual; CS158, 1957
    Earlier version of 1.
  4. Introduction to the Mercury Autocode; CS241, 1959 Titlepage,
    16 page summary with examples. Content, Expression syntax demo
  5. Mercury Autocode Manual, Brooker et al; CS242A, 1961
    The full manual.
  6. Annotated Input Routine; CS240, 1959
    What we would now call an assembler. Complete handwritten code listing with annotations.
    A paper describing this from Comp Jl i (3) 128-131 is here.
  7. Mercury Library Listings; A Gibbons, 1961 A program for solution of orginary differential equations
These were most kindly provided by Dr Tony Gibbons.