Java Toroid Design Applet

This applet designs a toroid. Handbook data for the most usual size and material combinations has been included. Less common combinations estimate AL from permeability. Some materials are not available in larger core sizes.

Noncommercial use only at User's risk.

If you are in the USA this may load more quickly from the NorCal design tools page. If you want more information about Amidon toroids, see the ByteMark Corporation datasheets.

Enter the required inductance in the green box; you must type `return' at the end of the number. Then select size and material.

Click here to view Java program source. Click here to save the Java .class file.

You may wish to run the applet `off-line' without going through the WWW. You are welcome, provided you acknowledge the source of the code in any publication etc., to copy the Java executable design_toroid.class and run it locally from an html page in your browser. (You can even just save this page if you need an example of how to call an applet! Disable the .gif image of the QSL card if you want to keep everything local.)