These are the webpages of the Computational Imaging & Data Analytics Group in the School of Engineering at the University of Edinburgh. We are also part of the Insitute for Digital Communications and the Agile Tomography Group .


Our group's research interests are in computational modelling of physical and engineering systems and inverse problems for imaging, process monitoring, and non-destructive testing. This area entails mathematical modelling, statistical inference and optimisation algorithms. Currently we are working on:

  • Stochastic models for electromagnetic and photon-matter interaction phenomena,

  • Image reconstruction and uncertainty quantification,

  • Randomised numerical linear algebra for real-time data analytics, and

  • Sketching algorithms for engineering applications.

Interested to join us?

We wellcome applications from skilled and motivated individuals with interests spanning the above areas. Please get in touch if you have a background in computational sciences (preferably an MSc) and would like to join our group as a PhD student.

Contact information

2.10 Alexander Graham Bell Building | School of Engineering | Kings Buildings Capmpus | EH9 3JL, Edinburgh, UK | Tel: +44(0)131-650-2769 | Email: n.polydorides@ed.ac.uk

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