Joseph Black

Joseph Black, discoverer of carbon dioxide, was professor of Chemistry at Edinburgh during the enlightenment period.





The £0.8million Joseph Black Laboratory for carbon dioxide chemistry has been set up with generous funding from the Wolfson Foundation, and support from the University of Edinburgh. The lab brings together chemists, chemical engineers, and geologists in studying both new catalytic methods of conversion of CO2 into value-added chemicals, and understanding the chemical processes involved in maintaining safe geological storage sites. We are part of the Scottish Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage, the CCS, which is based in the University of Edinburgh. Current research focuses on:

  • new materials for CO2 adsorption
  • new catalytic and electroreduction technologies to incorporate/convert CO2 into value-added chemicals
  • new sensors for CO2 monitoring
  • chemical reactivity of CO2 at pressures and salt-concentrations of relevance to geological storage systems

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Dr. Ian Sharp, business development officer, School of Chemistry. Tel. +44 (0)131 651 3035.

Prof. Polly L. Arnold, School of Chemistry. Tel. +44 (0)131 650 5429.

University of Edinburgh,West Mains Road, Edinburgh, EH9 3JJ, UK


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