storage and binding

modified films

electrodes and microarrays


modified electrode films




Researchers – specialist interests

catalytic conversion

Prof. Lesley J Yellowlees, Chair of Inorganic Electrochemistry

- catalysed electrochemical carbon dioxide reduction, spectroelectrochemistry

Prof. Polly L Arnold, Chair of synthetic inorganic chemistry

- small molecule activation and catalyst design for polyester and polycarbonate materials

Dr Jason B Love, Reader in Inorganic Chemistry,
- development of multimetallic catalysts for redox transformations of CO2

Dr Juan Mareque-Rivas, Senior Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry
- biomimetic CO2 chemistry, quantum dots and metal complexes for capture and activation of CO2

high pressure chemistry

Prof. Colin Pulham, Chair of High-Pressure Chemistry

- chemical and mechanical interactions of supercritical and highly concentrated CO2 solutions with materials

carbon capture and binding

Prof. Eleanor Campbell FRS, Chair of Physical Chemistry
- Development of nanostructured materials for carbon storage

Dr. Andrei Gromov, Research Associate

- carbon nanotube functionalisation for carbon storage

sensing and computational aspects

Dr Carole A Morrison, Royal Society Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Structural Chemistry

- computation chemistry, molecular dynamics, proton migration and transport through hydrogen bonding.

Dr. Andrew R Mount, Reader in Physical Chemistry

- electrode and microelectrode design, sensing and electrocatalysis


Aaron Gamboa
•     Aaron is studying the use of asymmetric metal complexes as catalysts for the copolymerisation of CO2 with other biorenewable monomers to make highly oxygenated plastics such as polycarbonates. The resulting biodegradable materials will be assessed for their applications to replace traditional plastics in food packaging, electronic devices, and medical biomaterials.
•     Funded by Conacyt, Mexico, and supervised by Prof. Polly L Arnold (Chemistry, UoE).
Aline Devoille
•     Aline is taking a three month secondment from her PhD studies to investigate the trapping and reduction of CO2 by new supramolecular architectures that combine amines and redox actives metals.

•     Supervised by Dr Jason B Love (Chemistry, UoE).
Research Associate Dr. Andrei Gromov
•     Andrei is studying the functionalisation of nanostructured carbon materials for small-scale carbon capture from air.
•     Supervised by Prof. Eleanor Campbell (Chemistry, UoE) and Prof Stefano Brandani (Chemical Engineering, UoE).

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