Joseph Black

Joseph Black, discoverer of carbon dioxide, was professor of Chemistry at Edinburgh during the enlightenment period.




PhD and research Masters projects are often available in the following areas.

  • new materials for CO2 adsorption
  • new catalytic and electroreduction technologies to incorporate/convert CO2 into value-added chemicals
  • new sensors for CO2 monitoring
  • chemical reactivity of CO2 at pressures and salt-concentrations of relevance to geological storage systems

Please look on the School of Chemistry's postgraduate page for currently available projects. We also welcome speculative applications at any time of year from well-qualified individuals, in the form of a CV and a cover letter emailed or mailed to Dr Ian Sharp, or directly to the academics listed on the 'Our Research' page.

Dr. Ian Sharp, business development officer, School of Chemistry. Tel. +44 (0)131 651 3035.

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