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Santiago Sánchez

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From time to time I am asked by the BBC and Sky News to comment on the Spanish economy. In this video from May 2012 I talk about Spain's banking crisis. In this other video from November 2014 I comment on the state of the Spanish economy for the Swiss channel Dukascopy TV. I was also featured on the BBC 4's In Business programme during the Lindau Nobel Meetings 2011 (around 17:45).

My work with P. Backus, M. Cubel and M. Guijd on the performance of female expert chess players has been featured at VoxEu.

My experimental work on personality and productivity, joint with M Cubel, A Nuevo-Chiquero and M Vidal-Fernandez, was covered by The Daily Mail, The Conversation and the LSE Business Review

My research with Enrique Turiegano has been featured in The Observer, Le Figaro (in French) and ABC (in Spanish).

The diplomacy of arms: Conflict as a negotiation instrument: a general-audience column I wrote on my work for VoxEu


Soy colaborador del blog de Economía Nada es Gratis y escribo para CTXT sobre la actualidad política del Reino Unido.

Entrevista de agosto de 2018 para Radio Ciudad Buenos Aires sobre el Brexit (alrededor del minuto 23).

Mi trabajo con P. Backus, M. Cubel y M. Guijd sobre las diferencias de genero en el ajedrez de alto nivel ha sido comentado en El Mundo y Clarin.

Nota de prensa sobre mi trabajo experimental junto a Enrique Turiegano.

Mi reseña de Participatory Democracy and Political Participation y la de The logic of violence in civil wars para la Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociologicas.

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