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Santiago Sánchez Páges


Santiago Sánchez

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Publications (24)

"The face of another: anonymity and facial symmetry influence cooperation in social dilemmas," - 2019
(joint with C. Rodriguez-Ruiz and E. Turiegano). Evolution and Human Behavior 40(1), 126-132.

"Gender differences and stereotypes in strategic reasoning," - 2017
(joint with M. Cubel). Economic Journal, 127, 728-756.

"Social capital, conflict and welfare," - 2017
(joint with C. Jennings). Journal of Development Economics, 124, 157-167.

"An axiomatization of difference-form contest sucess functions," - 2016
(joint with M. Cubel) Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 131, 92–105.

"Inmigration, Conflict and Redistribution," - 2016
(joint with A. Solano-Garcia). Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 118(3), 557-593.

"(Don't) Make My Vote Count," - 2015
(joint with M. Faravelli). Journal of Theoretical Politics, 27, 544-569..

"On the relationship between market power and bank risk taking," - 2015
(joint with K. Dam and M. Escrihuela-Villar). The Journal of Economics, 114(2), 177-204.

"Who is the fairest of them all? The independent effect of attractive features and self-perceived attractiveness on cooperation among women" - 2014
(joint with JA Muñoz-Reyes, M Pita, M Arjona and E. Turiegano). Evolution & Human Behavior, 35(2), 118-125.

"The role of within-group inequality in a conflict against a unitary threat" - 2012
(joint with M. Cubel). Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy 18(3).

"Optimism and commitment: An elementary theory of bargaining and war," -2011
(joint with C. Ponsati). SERIEs - Journal of the Spanish Economic Association 3(1-2), 157-179.

"Bargaining and Conflict with Incomplete Information" - 2012
Oxford Handbook of the Economics of Peace and Conflict, S. Skaperdas and M. Garfinkel, eds.

"The Emergence of Institutions," - 2010
(joint with S. Straub). The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy (Contributions) 10(1), Article 84.

"Testosterone, facial symmetry and cooperation in the Prisoners' Dilemma," - 2010
(joint with E. Turiegano). Physiology & Behavior 99(3), 355-361.

"Conflict as a Part of the Bargaining Process" - 2009
Economic Journal 119(539), 1189-1207.

"Enjoy the Silence: An Experiment on Truth-telling," - 2009
(joint with M. Vorsatz). Experimental Economics 12(2), 220-241.

"A Theory of Participatory Democracy Based on the Real Case of Porto Alegre" - 2009
(joint with E. Aragones). European Economic Review, 53(1), 56–72.

"An Experimental Study of Truth-Telling in a Sender-Receiver Game" - 2007
(joint with M. Vorsatz). Games and Economic Behavior, 61(1), 86-112.

"Endogenous Coalition Formation in Contests" - 2007
Review of Economic Design, 11(2). 139-163.

"Rivalry, Exclusion and Coalitions" - 2007
Journal of Public Economic Theory, 9(5), 809-830.

"On the Social Efficiency of Conflict" - 2006
Economics Letters 90(1), 96-101.

"When does universal peace prevail? Secession and group formation in conflict" - 2006
(joint with F. Bloch and R. Soubeyran) Economics of Governance 7(1), 3-29.

Completed papers (4)

Work in progress (4)

"Inequality in Conflicts," (joint with M Cubel).

"Immigration in Democracies: Conflict vs. Enfranchisement," (joint with A Solano).

"Masculinity and lying,” (joint with E Turiegano and M Vorsatz).

"Predicting Play in Simple Games," (joint with K Kawamura).

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