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We are now running Open Day every Thursday!
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FabLab plus is the portal to the University of Edinburgh’s (UoE) specialist knowledge and cutting-edge research.
It provides access to the University expertise in engineering, science, design and marketing.
FabLab plus provides help with:
* IP navigation
* Funding navigation
* Product development and design
* Rapid prototyping
The facility manufacturing capabilities range from microelectronics and silicon wafers to large scale engineering, architectural design and automotive applications.
Please see our Resources sections.

The facility also has measuring equipment capable of measuring on length of scales from nm to meters.
The new Metrology arm is top of the line and is capable of measuring free-standing industrial equipment with accuracy better than 38um over a 2.5 meters working envelope.

For now, the video below shows how Sam Travis, a recent graduate from The School of Engineering, used the UofE FabLab to complete his MEng project.

If you have any questions contact The UofE FabLab+.

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