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Atlantis Resources Corporation (Singapore)

Universities, National and Government sites


Device Developers and Data Providers

Ocean Motion International (USA)
Oceanor, Norway (Wave data)

Ocean Navitas (UK)

Ocean Power Delivery Ltd., Scotland (Pelamis) 
Ocean Power Technologies, USA
Ocean Prospect, UK (wave farm developers)
Ocean Wave Energy Company, USA
Ocean WaveMaster Limited UK
Offshore Wave Energy Ltd (Air Compressing device)
Open Hydro (Tidal current generator)
OREG, Canada (Ocean Renewable Energy Group)

Ryokuseisha Corporation (Japanese wave activated buoy)

Seapower Pacific
Sea Power International AB, Sweden
SeaVolt Technologies, USA (Wave Rider)
SeWave Ltd, Faroe Islands
SEEWEC Consortium ("FO3" device, previously known as "Buldra")
SMD Hydrovision (TideEl tidal stream generator)
Strom AS (Tidal Stream generator at Hammerfest in Norway)
SyncWave Energy Inc. Canada

Tidal Electric (Swansea Bay Project)
Tidal Generation Limited
Tocardo BV Tidal Energy (Netherlands & Scotland)
Trotman Unit - Inshore Wave Power (Scotland)

Verdant Power (tidal current demonstration in NYC)

Networks, Lobbying, Promotional & Trade Organisations

National Review documents

A brief review of Wave Energy (UK Dept of Trade & Industry, May 1999)
Options for the development of wave energy in Ireland (SEI, Nov 2002)

Wave Resource Analysis tools & Software

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