ICMTS2015 Proceedings

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Session 1 Reiability and Array Structures
1-1 14nm BEOL TDDB Reliability Testing and Defect Analysis T. Kane (IBM)
1-2 A Novel Structure of MOSFET Array to Measure Ioff-Ion with High Accuracy and Density T. Suzuki et al. (Sony)
1-3 Circuit Architecture and Measurement Technique to Reduce the Leakage Current Stemming from Peripheral Circuits with an Array Structure in Examining the Resistive Element S. Sato et al. (Kansai U.)
1-4 Circuit Architecture and Measurement Technique to Reduce the Leakage Current Stemming from Peripheral Circuits with an Array Structure in Examining the Resistive Element M. Ritter and M. Pfost (Reutlingen U.)
Session 2 Modeling
2-1 SPICE Modeling of 55nm Embedded Superflash® Memory Cells S. Martinie et al. (CEA-LETI)
2-2 Compact Modeling and Parameter Extraction Strategy of Normally-on MOSFET T. Umeda et al. (Hiroshima U.)
2-3 Modeling ofT-Model Equivalent Circuit for Spiral Inductors in 90 nm CMOS Technology J.-W. Jeong et al. (Chungnam National U.)
2-3 A Four-Terminal JFET Compact Model for High-Voltage Power Applications W. Wu et al. (TI)
Session 3 Process Evaluation
3-1 Accelerating 14nm Device Learning and Yield Ramp Using Parallel Test Structures as Part of a New Inline Parametric Test Strategy G. Moore et al. (IBM)
3-2 Employing an On-Die Test Chip for Maximizing Parametric Yields of 28 nm Parts J. Mueller et al. (Freescale)
3-3 Robust Process Capability Index Tracking for Process Qualification C. Gu and C. McAndrew (Freescale)
3-4 New Compact Model for Performance and Process Variability Assessment in 1 4nm FDSOI CMOS Technology Y. Denis et al. (STMicroelectronics)
3-5 Silicon Thickness Monitoring Strategy for FD-SOI 28 nm Technology A. Cros et al. (STMicroelectronics)
Session 4 Discussion
4-1 A Test Structure for Characterizing the Cleanliness of Glass Beads Using Low-Frequency Dielectric Spectroscopy M. Buehler (Decagon Devices)
4-2 Development of a Compacted Doubly Nesting Array in Narrow Scribe Line Aimed at Detecting Soft Failures of Interconnect Via H. Shinkawata et al. (Renesas)
4-3 The Impact of Deep Trench and Well Proximity on MOSFET Performance H. Sheng et al. (Freescale)
4.4 Withdrawn
4-5 A Test Structure for Reliability Analysis of CMOS Devices and DC and High Frequency AC Stress T. Matsuda et al. (Toyama Prefectural U.)
4-6 Measurement and Modeling of IC Self-Heating Including Cooling System Properties T. Nishimura et al. (Hiroshima U.)
4-7 Elastic Instabilities Induced Large Surface Strain Sensing Structures (EILS) Y. Li et al. (Northumbria U.)
4-8 Cross-Correlation of Electrical Measurements via Physics-Based Device Simulations: Linking Electrical and Structural Characteristics A. Padovani et al. (U. Modena)
4-9 NPN CML Ring Oscillators for Model Verification and Process Monotoring C. Compton (Macom)
Session 5 Parameter Extraction
5-1 Compact Modeling Solution of Layout Dependent Effect for FinFET Technology D. Chen at al. (UMC)
5-2 A Simple Method for Characterization of MOSFET Serial Resistance Asymmetry D. Tomaszewski et al. (ITE Warsaw)
5-3 Threshold Voltage Extraction Method in 2D Devices having a mobility with Power-Law Dependence of Carrier Density V. Mosser et al. (ITRON SAS)
5-4 Measurement of Vth due to STI Stress and Inverse Narrow Channel Effect at Ultra-Low Voltage in a Variability-Suppressed Process Y. Ogasahara et al. (NAIST Japan)
Session 6 Capacitance
6-1 Monitoring Test Structure for Plasma Process Induced Charging Damage Using Charge-Based Capacitance Measurement (PID-CBCM) S. Mori et al. (Sony)
6-2 A Novel Gate Charge Measurement Method A. Mikata, et al. (Keysight)
6-3 Capacitance Analysis in 16 nm Process Node T. Okagaki et al. (Renesas)
6-4 In-line Monitoring Test Structure for Charge-Based Capacitance Measurement (CBCM) with a Start-Stop Self-Pulsing Circuit K. Sawada et al. (Sony)
Session 7 Resistance
7-1 Design and Evaluation of a SiCr Thin Film Resistor Matching Test Structure H. Tuinhout et al. (NXP)
7-2 Characterization of Recessed Ohmic Contacts to AlGaN/GaN M. Hajlasz et al. (U. Twente)
7-3 Adapted from Four-Point Probe Technique J. Lehmann et al. (CEA-LETI)
7-4 Sheet Resistance Measurement for Process Monitoring of 400┬░ C PureB Deposition on Si L. Qi abd L. Nanver (TU Delft)
7-5 Combined Transmission Line Measurement Structures to Study Thin Film Resistive Sensor Fabrication A. Tabasnikov et al. (U. Edinburgh)
Session 8 Emerging Technologies
8-1 Test Structures for the Wafer Mapping and Correlation of Electrical, Mechanical, High Frequency Magnetic, and Composition of Electroplated Ferromagnetic Alloys E. Sirotkin et al. (U. Edinburgh)
8-2 A Fully-Automated Methodology and System for Printed Electronics Foil Characterization F. Vila et al. (IMB-CNM)
8-3 A Capacitive Based Piezoelectric AIN Film Quality Test Structure N. Jackson et al. (Tyndall National Institute)
Session 9 Circuits
9-1 Silicon Measurements of Characteristics for Pass-gate/Pull-down/Pull-up MOSs and Search MOS in a 28 nm TCAM Bitcell K. Nii et al. (Renesas)
9-2 Test circuit for Accurate Measurement of Setup/Hold and Access Time of Memories N. Agarwal (ARM)
9-3 Reduction of Overhead in Adaptive Body Bias Technology due to Triple-well Structure based on Measurement and Simulation Y. Ogasahara et al. (NAIST Japan)
9-4 Sensitivity-Independent Extraction of Vth Variation Utilizing Log-normal Delay Distribution A. Islam and H. Onodera (Kyoto U.)
Session 10 RF
10-1 Characterization of Wideband Decoupling Power Line with Extremely Low Characteristic Impedance for Millimeter-Wave CMOS Circuits R. Goda et al. (Hiroshima U.)
10-2 Observations on Substrate Characterisation through Coplanar Transmission Line Impedance Measurements L. Floyd et al. (Tyndall National Institute)
10-3 Systematic Calibration Procedure of Process Parameters for Electromagnetic Field Analysis of Millimeter-Wave CMOS Devices K. Takano et al. (Hiroshima U.)
10-4 Electromagnetic Field Test Structure Chip for Back End of the Line Metrology L. You et al. (NIST)

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