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Extreme Conditions: Materials

George Serghiou



Extremes of pressure and temperature

are used in the most general sense

to explore Change as you bring

matter closer together.

...May there be many summer mornings

when, enter harbours

you're seeing for the first time;..


Excerpt from Ithaca by Kavafis


The questions broadly asked are:

·         Will change occur? Why/why not?

  •   What kind of change is induced?
  •   How does this change occur?
  •   What does the system change to? Why?
  •   How are the systems along the route of change related to each other,

      what are their properties, can and how do we exploit them?


These questions are asked to address, frequently interdisciplinary challenges,

in engineering as well as chemistry – biology – planetary science – physics


We address, and exploit in synergy, the answers to the questions above on change

in order to explore, create and characterize new material landscapes of

fundamental and technological importance (chemical, optoelectronic, biological,

mechanical), also of interest for clean energy, LED, cutting tool, medical applications.


To explore extreme conditions change, we design, employ and modify different vessels

and associated processing and characterization methods: