A JavaScript Flowsheet Material Balance Calculator

This tool performs basic material balances on recycle processes. You can choose one of 6 basic flowsheets. Note that these are entirely schematic, i.e. a stream shown coming out of the top of a separator may in paractice be either the top or bottom stream of a distillation column.
Click here to see these options.

After selecting a standard flowsheet, click `Create Model' and you will get a new window with a textual description of the flowsheet structure. If you know what you are doing you can modify this to get a more complicated process.

To use the the fowsheet automatically generated, enter the required number of components in the first box. A default value of 3 is provided. Then click `Generate Flowsheet'.

You will then have the material balance `spreadsheet' into which you can enter component names, feed flowrates, reaction stoichiometry, separator recoveries and split fractions. Defaults are given for these. For splitters and separators the default is a fraction of 0.5 to each outlet stream. You may specify a split or recovery in either stream, the other will be calculated as one minus this.

Click `Solve' to solve the flowsheet.

Saving the solved flowsheet from the browser will not sane the answers. however if you click on the `Show Results' button and then resolve, you will get a new window in which you can use the mouse to select and copy the answers.