Computer History

I was an early user of computers; my first programs (we called them programmes then) were written for the Ferranti Sirius in the autumn of 1964. I subsequently used:

None of my own very early programs have survived.

The earliest program I have been able to find was written by one of my classmates in final year Chemical technology at Edinburgh in 1964/5. It is in Sirius Autocode, written by Stuart Baillie Strong, and a scan is here.

I am currently collecting information particularly on early programming languages and software which I will link from this page in due course.

If you are interested in this or similar subjects I'd be glad to hear from you, especially if you have copies of early software.

Work in Progress


I have accumulated, collected or been given quite a large amount of software which is described here.

Hardware Collection

I have kept or salvaged a collection of 1970s and '80s small computer hardware, see here.


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