Early Personal Computer Hardware

I have collected the following.
  1. Commodore Business Machines 2001/32. Two complete machines 2 spare main boards, printer, cassette tape, floppy disk drive. Various internal ROMs, software and documentation.
  2. Apple mac original, extra disk drive, printer, software and documentation.
  3. Acorn Archimedes, software and documantation.
  4. Hewlett-Packard HP85. The earliest laptop (for very strong laps!) Roms, software and documentation.
  5. Intersil IM6100 `PDP 8 on a board', memory card (1k!) tty interface and manual.
  6. Epson PX-8, early laptop. Two machines with French language keyboard and built in Basic software.
  7. BBC model B and Master 128 computers, and a collection of ROMS. There are many more of these, along with hard disks, printer, coprocessors and Econet networking facilities in the Chemical Engineering teaching labs. These will finally become redundant in summer 2006.
  8. HP25 programmable calculator and manuals.
  9. Sharp laptop PCs. 2 machines, DOS, b/w screen, 88200 processors.
  10. Psion series 3. Original palmtop, 2 machines and documentation.
  11. 2 Wyse `glass teletype' terminals.
Since these are taking up significant storage space, I would be happy to consider donating some of the larger items to good homes.