ODE/DAE Solver

This demonstration version has a simple built in model example:
dx/dt = 1 - x ; x(0) = 0
y = x² + z; z = 0.1

You can of course change these.

The `Solve' button produces the results in a separate window, and also a graph.

The `Show Model Data' button will list the complete current model in a single window.

Model Input Section

Notes Data Input


Enter names of variables separated by commas. Variable names must consist of alphanumeric characters (a-z, 0-9), and the underscore character(_). Variable names are case sensitive. Certain words are reserved, and may not be used as variable names. These are:
  • Time
  • Tmax
  • DeltaT


Enter parameters together with their value opposite, separated by either semi-colons or new lines. Parameters are "variables" whose value is constant, and thus have the same restrictions on what their names are composed of.

Algebraic equations:

Remember that these must be separated by semicolons, and have only a single variable on the left hand side of the equals sign.

Differential equations:

Differential variables are written as a.dt, (for da/dt)where a is the dependant variable, and t the independant variable

Initial Conditions and Equations

An initial value is required for each ODE variable:


Change as appropriate. These are only required for equation sets containing differential equations.
Maximum Time :

Jack Ponton
Last modified 4 August 2004