Ordered algebraic Equation Solver

You can select either of two demonstration example models. The first of those is a simple noniterative calculation, which just uses the tool as a calculator. The second is an example of solving a pair of equations iteratively.

The `Solve' button produces the results of the iterative solution in a separate window; scroll down to see the final answer.

The `Show Model Data' button will list the complete current model in a single window.

Model Input

Notes Data Input


Enter names of variables separated by commas. Names must consist of alphanumeric characters (a-z, 0-9), begin with a letter and are case sensitive. The name Func is reserved for the `function' equation. The name Tear is also reserved.


Enter parameters together with their value opposite, separated by either semi-colons or new lines. Parameters are "variables" whose value is constant, and thus have the same restrictions on their names.

Algebraic equations:

These should be separated by semicolons, and have only a single variable on the left hand side of the equals sign. The equation which is to be reduced to zero must have the form: Func = .
The functions, log (base e), sqrt, etc may be used. power(x,n) raises x to the power n.

Tear variable and bounds

Name of tear variable:

If there is no tear variable enter `none'.
Upper bound:
Lower bound:

Jack Ponton
Last modified 4 August 2004