Small Wind Farm Calculator

Estimate the impact of a windfarm on: (Cost are those spplying from December 2012.)
As well as the MW rating and number of turbines we need to know the load factor - the percentage of nominal output actually achieved. The average UK figure is about 27% although in 2010 it was less than 25%. However for smaller turbines on lower ground figures around 20% or less are likely.

Turbine power kW   Number of turbines   Load factor %


Annual energy generation MWh or % of UK total energy consumption.

This could supply the energy needs of average households or the electricity only of

Carbon Dioxide

The maximum CO2 remission is calculated using the wind industry's figure of 430g/kwh. However this now known to be highly optimistic beacuse fossil fuelled stations must be kept running at low efficiency to make up for the intermittency of wind.
The maximum potential reduction is tonne of CO2 or % of UK total emissions.

This amount is produced by China every seconds
The reduction would be eliminated in minutes by the expected world increase.

Estimated Economics

Annual value of electricity: £ wholesale or about £ retail.
Annual additional subsidy cost to electricity consumers at pence/kWh is £
The average annual electricity bill per household consuming this electricity would be £