Research Group

Peter Keightley

Peter’s research is in evolutionary genetics, with particular interests in the role of new mutations in creating and maintaining variation.

Jobran Chebib

Jobran is an evolutionary geneticist interested in understanding the underlying genetic mechanisms that facilitate or constrain evolution, including: pleiotropy, linkage and mutation. His current postdoctoral research, funded by the European Research Council, investigates the rate and distribution of de novo mutations in green algae and mice.

Eugenio López-Cortegano

Eugenio is a European Research Council-funded Postdoctoral researcher who is investigating the nature of de novo mutations in Chlamydomonas algae and their role in genome evolution.

Rory Craig

Rory is a PhD student working on evolutionary genomics in Chlamydomonas, especially understanding variation in diversity across the genome and selection acting in noncoding DNA

Former Group Members

Rob Ness
Now at the University of

Dan Halligan
Now at Fios Genomics,

Eva Deinum
Now at Wageningen University

Thanasis Kousathanas
Now at the Pasteur Institute,

Matty Hartfield
Now at the University of

Cathy Haag-Liautard
Now at l’Institut des Sciences
de l'Evolution de Montpellier

Ben Gantenbein
Now at the University of Bern

Julian Christians
Now at Simon Fraser
University, Canada

Dan Gaffney
Now at the Sanger Institute, Cambridge

Fiona Oliver
Now at the University of

Simon Heath
Now at the Centro Nacional de Análisis Genómico, Barcelona