George Serghiou

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Present :Lecturer
Science and Engineering
School: Engineering and Electronics
University of Edinburgh


Previous: Research Associate

Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry

Chemistry Department Technical University Darmstadt


BSc. Bioengineering University of California Berkeley

PhD Chemical Engineering Carnegie Mellon University


University of Edinburgh
School of Engineering and Electronics
King's Buildings, Edinburgh EH9, 3JL
Scotland, UK

tel. (+44) 131 6508553
fax. (+44) 131 6506551



Carnegie Mellon University, Teaching Assistant
Courses: Thermodynamics, Chemical Engineering Laboratory

University of Edinburgh, Lecturer
Training: Faculty teaching development course
Courses: Reactions and Reactor Design (third year), Chemical Engineering laboratory (third year), Solids Processing (third year), Biochemical Engineering (second year)


Course Organizer
Director of Studies



Synthesis (at high pressures and temperatures) and characterization of structure and properties (superhard, advanced optical, electronic properties) of new materials (inorganic and organic)
Development of equilibrium and metastable high P, T phase diagrams
Study of the effect of pressure on chemical reactions
Determination of the stability and composition of planetary interiors
Correlation of increase in density to transport processes (diffusion, ion partitioning)
Clarification of the mechanism of crystal-crystal and crystal-non-crystalline transitions
Examination of the effect of crystal size (nano to bulk) on synthesis and phase changes
Understanding of electronic transitions (insulator-metal)
Investigation of the influence of pressure on melting
Use of compression to understand function of biological systems (extremophiles)
Polymerized hydrocarbons, drug delivery
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Synthesis, Processing - diamond cell, multi-anvil, piston-cylinder, low pressure bombs, inert furnace
Characterization - Raman, X-ray, SEM, TEM, optical microscopy, Mass spectrometry, FIB


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